Ours Products

Our company is the unique owner of wasp production technology (tips) for bridges with torsion suspension, used successively in French Peugeot cars, Partner , 208 and Citroen, Berlingo. The bridges repaired by us have been used in the workshop of the Peugeot-Citroen company and have proven their exceptional strength. Individual cars have exceeded the mileage of 400 000km with bridges repaired by us. The price of the repair at the price of a rear axle is BGN 250. For Citroen Berlingo and partner and 240 lv. For peugeot 208. If necessary, the company can also carry out repairs for damaged carriers for the same cars, and the price is BGN 120. For a carrier. The disassembly and replacement of bearings is carried out by service companies and car mechanics. We have turnover repaired bridges and girders. When replacing the given beam, installed rubber pads and mounting threads must be in good technical condition.

Pulling and straightening
carbide nozzles.
Nozzles for sandblasting devices.

Carbide contacts
impregnated with copper or silver.

High voltage
contact axis

Different types of matrices